1. Where are your rims made?

Atomik Carbon is a USA registered company and is based in Florida. Our design and manufacturing is done through an Taiwanese company that has extensive experience with many well known cycling companies throughout the world. All Atomik Carbon components pass through 3 separate quality control inspections to ensure a high quality final product.

2. Are your rims compatible with all tires?

We have tested many brands of tires and have yet to find an application where the tire was not able to mount. There are many variations even with a brand and you may come across a tire that is difficult to mount. If this happens, try soap and water to help lubricate things and the bead may slide in. If you still don’t have any success, the only alternative may be to use a different tire.

3. Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world as long as a distributor or dealer is not available in your area. Please check the distributor and dealer page for more information. If a dealer or distributor is not available, contact us directly for more information about purchasing Atomik Carbon products.

4. Are your rims directionally drilled?

Our rims feature a 6 degree drill angle in relation to the hub to relieve some of the stress on the nipple. They are not drilled to accommodate the angle of a specific spoke cross configuration; six degrees provides a good average for the typical three or two cross build.

5. Do you offer a choice of decal colors?

Absolutely! You have your choice of white, black, bronze, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red or turquoise.

6. What are the recommended tire pressures for running tubeless?

A good starting point can be reached by using the formula below. Simply adjust your pressure up or down to fine tune the ride quality. Always run adequate pressure for your weight and the terrain being ridden.

Rider Weight in pounds divided by 7 = x
x – 1 = Front tire pressure in PSI
x + 2 = Rear tire pressure in PSI