29 Trail Hookless

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The Atomik Carbon Hookless Trail was engineered to be the weapon of choice for aggressive trail riders. The Trail Hookless is light enough to get you up, strong enough to never let you down. Whether it’s an after-work loop or an epic adventure, this rim’s for you.

We took hookless rim design to the next level. We stretched it to 33-millimeters wide with an interior width of 26 millimeters. Traditional bead hooks “pinch” tires in, creating a rounded footprint. Lack of a traditional bead hook allows tire sidewalls to form an optimal interface with the rim channel, resulting in  a more stable and surefooted point of contact on the trail that maximizes cornering and handling characteristics without risk of “burping” or “rolling.” Directional drilling aids in alleviating the additional stress placed on the nipple/spoke bed interface.

Rims: $435 each
Complete wheel set starting at: $1,450

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Tubeless Ready Yes
Depth 24mm
Width – O.D. 33mm
Width – I.D. 26mm
Hookless Sidewall 3.5mm
Weight 435g +/- 20g
Spoke Drilling 32 – Directionally Drilled
Spoke Tension Rec 110-120 kgf
Tested to 180 kgf
ERD 598
Finish UD Matte Carbon
Price $435 U.S. msrp

Bead Lock

All Atomik Carbon rims utilize an angled bead lock to keep the tire bead positioned on the shelf when air is released from the tire and also adds a level of safety if a tire is leaking. This features allows you to refresh sealant without having the tire bead fall into the center of the rim, resulting in a tire that is more difficult to inflate and re-seat.

Hookless Design

The hookless wall thickness is a whopping 3.5mm and designed to help displace impact. The wall thickness is much greater than traditional hookless designs (as shown in the illustration above) and the additional strength provided by the thicker sidewall yields a rim that is light and extremely strong.

Impact Resistant Construction

Atomik Carbon rims feature a layer of composite material that increases the impact strength and helps distribute energy and shock from impacts to the rim (illustrated above) All rims use a blend of Toray 700 and 800 carbon fiber with the Toray 800, which is 25% stronger, used in high
impact areas.